We’re excited to bring our educators the Letters to the Next President 2.0 campaign, right inside Writable. This project – co-sponsored by the National Writing Project and KQED – aims to amplify students’ voices on the issues that matter to them during this election season.

To see this sequence in Writable, first get Writable from the App Store. (Our Web version is coming later this Fall). You can see the sequence as a teacher or student by using these logins:

Teacher login: letter2@writable.com, Password: 123
Sample student login: Student 2, password: 123, class code: ERDB

In Writable, look for the ‘Letters to President’ sequence, which explores 2 writing goals:

1) The first goal asks students to evaluate the persuasive elements in several videos found on the letters2president.org site, then write paragraphs about them.

2) The second goal helps students construct their letters – using the built-in argumentative checklists to scaffold and support their writing, paragraph by paragraph – then peer review each others’ writing to create well-crafted letters in their own voices.

By adding this scaffolding, peer review and revision to persuasive letter writing, we hope that teachers can guide students to express themselves to an authentic audience of their classroom peers, then export their letters to submission on the Letters to Next President site.

To submit letters, teachers should register on https://letters2president.org/ and then submit letters before the election on Nov 8th.

This is one of many student-centric writing programs that we’ll be supporting in Writable. Come check it out and let us know what you think!