We’ve had many teachers request a writing approach that introduces checklists/skills in a guided order, allowing a writer to have “one draft” that is revised over time.

Goals using Revision Flow allow for more focused revision within students’ natural writing pattern. Peer feedback still works as usual – but now students can get feedback on their work in progress by submitting a subset of the checklists for review. Here are some examples of where Revision Flow can be used:

  • Outline to Essay: Work on your structure checklists during an Outline phase, then auto-copy that outline forward to the Essay phase (with an expanded set of checklists) when you’re ready.
  • Writer’s Workshop: Start with a draft for structure, “revise for” development checklists, “revise for” word choice, then finally submit for your Final Review, where all checklists come together.
  • Sections + Phases: While you can continue to ask students to write a piece by section (i.e. Intro, Body, Conclusion), then revise based on peer feedback, you can also now add phases to each of these sections, letting them evolve sections using different checklists along the way.

Interested in trying it out? Just contact us and we’ll get your unit set up with Revision Flow. Thanks to all our pilot teachers who made this feature possible.

– Team Writable