We just released some great new features that will allow you to import your own rubrics via a Google spreadsheet and grade student writing more easily in Writable. We’re eager to hear what you think!

Rubric Builder in Google Sheets

We’ve heard from many of you that you like browsing and editing our assignment templates, but for some assignments, you need to use your district rubrics for grading and feedback.

Our new Rubric Builder makes it easy to import your own rubrics via a Google Sheet:

  1. From your account in Writable, you can click on any assignment saved to ‘My Assignments’ and click on the blue pencil icon to edit.
  2. Click on any section and you’ll see ‘Add/Edit Rubrics’, which will give you access to the Rubric Builder.

For more detailed information on importing your checklists and using the Rubric Builder see our step-by-step instructions here.

Quick Grade

At Writable, our goal is to reduce the time it takes to give targeted, timely feedback on your students’ writing. The Quick Grade tool will make it easier for you to grade writing submissions. You’ll be able to see the peer reviews a writer received, view a writer’s revisions, and choose to grade anonymously – without knowing student identities – all in one place:

  1. From your account in Writable, click on “Grade” in the navigation bar at the top.
  2. Use the filters to choose the assignment and class you’d like to grade.

You’ll also be able to choose which subgroups of students you’d like to grade: for example, only students who’ve received low peer scores, students who haven’t received any peer reviews, random students who need a spot check, and more.

We hope you’ll log in and try these new tools. If you do, let us know what you think, your feedback will help us make even Writable better!

Team Writable