Building writers with purpose.

Becoming a successful writer is crucial to a student’s overall trajectory in school, work, and citizenship. Learned across a lifetime, the act of writing offers us opportunities to express and to argue, to entertain and to inform. Even before the adoption of the Common Core State Standards, our students’ writing had been a matter of national attention; writing proficiency remains an elusive goal for most students, with only 27% of students scoring Proficient and just over 50% writing at a Basic level. (NAEP)

To be successful as writers, students need a stream of targeted feedback, encouraging them to write (and revise) effectively. No matter what type of writing curriculum a school is using, managing a thoughtful writing program should be flexible to a teacher’s instruction, yet motivating for the student. At Writable, our vision is to help teachers inspire a new generation of writers – writers with purpose. We hope you’ll join us.

When students write with purpose:

  • They work with a goal in mind.
  • They write for an authentic audience.
  • They are motivated by and interested in their topic.
  • They learn by reviewing others’ work and revising their own.
  • They recognize that writing has a structure and is a process.

Our Team

We are a group of educators and technologists with a vision to close the writing proficiency gap by making practice easier for both students and teachers. With over six years working together to build language arts tools like Subtext and Accelerated Reader 360, we’re now working with schools to inspire more purposeful, effective writing in K12 classrooms.