At Writable, we know that writing can (and should!) happen anywhere, anytime. To make the writing process easier for our Google schools, we have added an ‘Export to Google Docs’ feature for students. This helps teachers decide where and how to weave Writable into their classroom writing, side-by-side with Google Docs.

Here’s how the feature works. Most often, we hear that teachers combine Writable and Google Docs in these ways:

Use Writable when:

  • You want writing to go through anonymous peer review and revision, with built-in scaffolding (checklists, comment stems).
  • You want a teacher dashboard that helps organize your feedback earlier in the writing process (no more bookmarking 30 Google Docs!)

Use Google Docs when:

  • You want students to work on pre-writing, research, or anything else that is not ready for anonymous peer review and revision.
  • You want a final piece of writing to be submitted through Google Classroom for grading and archiving.

We’re eager to hear what else our Google schools think of this feature, and what else you’d want, as we move into deeper Google Classroom integration.

Team Writable