Educator Stories

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I highly recommend Writable because it provides a variety of cross-curricular resources that teachers can easily use throughout the year. Also, the writing is approached in different ways, so all districts should be able to pick an approach that matches their district's plan. Finally, it is very student friendly, from the ease of use to student interest topics.

Val Bader
7th Grade ELA Teacher North Branch Middle School

The electronic platform is easy to use and very accessible for students of all learning levels. Relatable and relevant content for students.

Michelle Florian
ELA 4 Teacher Gadsden Independent School District /Gadsden High School

Writable allows students to anonymously get feedback from peers. It also allows me to chunk writing assignments and apply rubric scoring for very specific elements that are being taught in class. I can see student rewrites and manage their progress easily with the dashboard.

Lisa Graham
Education Facilitator Sierra Vista Elementary

You offer great services and webinars that are approachable and readily applicable by teachers who are always in a time crunch.

Maria R.
ELA Teacher Coach North Hunterdon-Voorhees Regional High School/ New Jersey

I was really impressed by the number of engaging writing lessons. If there is one subject that many teachers feel insecure about teaching, it is writing. Your program alleviates that insecurity.

Brian E.
4th Grade Teacher Disston Elementary School in the School District of Philadelphia

A well-run company with kids and teachers at the forefront of decision making. User friendly and powerful.

Evan Grant
Middle School Assistant Principal Obsidian Middle School

The lessons teach all phases of the writing process with engaging prompts. Also, it is self-paced and the children can move at their own speed.

3rd Grade Teacher Kids Care Elementary School

Writable offers great support and engaging writing lessons.

Janet L.
Special Ed Teacher New Jersey

This was invaluable for my 10th grade English Resource class of students with special needs during NTI! They were able to navigate it with Google Classroom. I also was able to modify instruction for each student’s abilities using the tools provided. I have already pumped this up on Facebook to my teacher friends and look forward to creating more lesson plans with it next year.

Heidi Lynn Russell
LBD Instructor/Special Education Teacher Tates Creek High School, Lexington, Ky/ Fayette County Public Schools

Writable is great for assessing student writing. Writable includes the standards for writing. One thing that will improve Writable is to give teachers the ability to assign work to individual students. Teachers need to be able to assign content to a small group of students or one student. Often times one student may need more practice with the assignment. If teachers assign work to individual students they can provide individual writing intervention.

Miriam White
3rd Grade Teacher LMSVSD/Rancho Elementary School

I love that Writable was able to take the writing rubric our district uses. It saves on paper copies & it allows students to look back at previous scores and revise. Allowing peers to review their pieces gave my students a purpose in their writing and also allowed them to look at their own writing with a critical eye.

June M.
4th Grade Teacher Cupertino Union School District

I loved that I could be confident that the information and topics were synced with our curriculum, standards, and grade book. Right before Spring Break, we started the Practice FSA tests. The data gathered was a goldmine to helping me uncover gaps in their individual and class knowledge so I can micro-teach those standards into all the lessons and concentrate on their individual needs during small groups and other activities.

Maria Dryna
ELA/Social Studies Teacher Pasco