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Happy Saturday! Just want to share something I've realized since using Writable (since last NCTE--I'm coming up on my one-year Writable-versary!): "the stack" used to cause me such anxiety. I felt anxious bringing it home, seeing it on my table, & even after I'd given feedback I still felt it. Now I work on my computer, grade as few/many papers as I want, & then I'm able to really put them away--out of my mind. I'm able to enjoy my evening/weekend. I never realized what that stack made me feel & I'm grateful that it's gone away.

10th Grade ELA Teacher

Teachers talk about using Writable, including how they scaffold and assess writing and use peer review to increase motiv ...
With Writables new feature allowing teachers to provide video and/or audio feedback they have changed the game for distance learning! During this challenging time in education they have provided a tool that allows me to provide personal feedback to my students which in turn allows students of all abilities to access the information. This personal touch makes an enormous difference right now as we, as educators, have never been challenged to connect with our students more. It's just another iteration in a long line of extremely user-friendly, teacher, and student-centric tools that Writable has incorporated into their platform, demonstrating once again that they lead the way in writing tools in the digital age.

Evan Grant
Assistant Principal Redmond School District (OR)

Writable has caused a major shift for me as a teacher this year in the way I assess writing. It creates reports and generates data comparing students initial attempt to subsequent attempts, and shows levels of growth that are so vital to use as teachers.

Jill R.
7th Grade ELA Teacher

Writable has been a lifesaver for our students in grades 6-12. Being a small, private school, Writable is cost-effective and robust, connecting with Google to make the revising, editing, and peer-reviewing a positive, helpful experience for our students. With Writable being affordable, our students are able to use it and their writing has grown immensely over the past two years. Thank you, Writable, for always being quick to respond, troubleshoot if there's an issue, and continuing to offer an excellent product at an affordable price.

Rachel Porter
HS English Teacher Cincinnati Christian Schools, (OH)

A big shift in my instruction came when I realized that assessment is not an endpoint; it’s a step within a recursive ...