AI for Impact

Transform learning with AI

Increase the impact of your teaching with artificial intelligence that engages students and motivates better writing in the moment.

AI that powers up your prep

Get inspired and unlock your creativity with our AI-powered prompt suggestions. Input any topic and instantly receive unique prompts that engage students and are tailored to your classroom needs.

Once in Writable you can also use AI to create curriculum units based on any novel, generate essays, multi-section assignments, multiple-choice questions, and more, all with included answer keys! Let AI save you time, then edit and personalize to create your perfect assignment.

Powered by OpenAI, makers of ChatGPT
Generate Prompts

AI that increases your feedback impact

Make feedback more actionable with AI suggestions delivered to teachers as the writing happens. Target specific areas for improvement with powerful, rubric-aligned comments, and save grading time with AI-generated draft scores.

AI Feedback on Any Document

In just a few minutes teachers can access AI suggested feedback on any past or current piece of student work, including Word Docs and Google Classroom assignments.

You can also use our sample student writings to quickly preview AI feedback and see the Writable experience before your students begin.

AI Suggested Comments

Save time and move writing growth forward with AI-suggested comments that are targeted, actionable, and drive better revision. This allows you to easily give feedback that helps students when they need it most: in the moment.

Comments can be generated at both the paper and rubric item level, and are also available in Spanish. This feature is available on every assignment without setup required.

GradeAssist: AI Suggested Scoring

Feel more confident about your grading and save time with rubric-aligned AI-suggested scores that teachers can adjust anytime.

Score suggestions can be generated at both the paper and rubric item level. This feature is available on every assignment without setup required.

AI for authenticity

Protect authentic learning moments in your classroom with the most comprehensive suite of tools available to ensure originality.

  • Writable’s Authorship Alerts help to identify writing that may not be original to a student. Writable shows you how a student’s writing behavior compares to their classmates, and alerts the teacher to behavior that might indicate a lack of a originality, such as a lack of revisions, a large amount of pasted text, and more.

  • Turnitin’s new AI-writing indicator, in addition to Simcheck, is built into Writable. Teachers can gain insights on how much of a student’s submission has originated from AI technologies like ChatGPT, or if a student used work from the internet or classmate.

AI for student support

The AI features you know and love are only getting better, and new ways to support educators and students with the latest technology available are on the way!


Originality Check from Turnitin evaluates originality and helps students cite sources

Structure & Organization

RevisionAid gives on-demand feedback and revision suggestions to improve writing.

This feature is being revamped and will be back shortly!

Grammar, Mechanics, & Style

GrammarAid provides on-demand suggestions and pop-up educational tips and videos

Writable’s new AI features are designed to increase teacher agency and save teachers a ton of  time.

Monica Burns

Class Tech Tips

“It doesn’t always have to be the teacher scoring. The AI helps to make sure our students are on task”

Brittany Kosumsuriya

Grand Prairie Independent School District

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