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Our Mission

Writing proficiency remains an elusive goal in education, with only 27% of students testing ‘proficient’. Yet writing is cited as one of the most important 21st-century skills for the workplace and helps to increase reading comprehension and content knowledge.

Becoming a successful writer is crucial to a student’s overall engagement and success in school, work, and life. To grow as writers, students need instructional scaffolding and targeted feedback, encouraging them to write and revise with intention. At Writable, our vision is to make writing easier for teachers and more motivating for a new generation of writers – writers with purpose. We hope you’ll join us.

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Team Writable

We are a group of educators and technologists with a vision to close the writing proficiency gap by making practice easier for both students and teachers. With over ten years working together to build ELA tools like Subtext and Accelerated Reader, we’re now working with schools to inspire more purposeful, effective writing in K12 classrooms.


Interested in joining Team Writable? We’re a growing company and always accepting resumes, so if you think we should work together we’d always love to hear from you!

“The research is clear: providing students time for structured practice, coaching them to give quality feedback to one another, and engaging in meaningful revision can all help writers grow.”

Dr. Troy Hicks

Central Michigan University

Writable provides exceptional scaffolding for students, and revision is elevated to a place of prominence — as it should be. Students get tons of feedback and can write responses or submit video or audio recordings. Teachers get actionable data, and teacher teams can calibrate assessments. There are also tons of support videos and courses!

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