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Writable is Relief Funding approved (ESSR, Cares Act, EANS, etc.) and we’re able to accommodate changing quote and order needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try Writable for free?

Absolutely! Teacher accounts are forever free (meaning you can spend as much time prepping and creating in the app as you’d like), and students get 30 days of Writable for free.

Even if student accounts are never purchased, student data will remain in the teacher’s free account, and all writing is easily exportable to Google.

How much does Writable cost?

Writable starts at $8 per student, per year. There is no minimum purchase size required, and we offer volume and multi-year discounts, which will be reflected in your quote.

You can also purchase student seats with a credit card directly inside the Writable app.

Are there minimum purchases for Writable?

There is no minimum purchase size required for purchasing Writable. You can start as small or as wide as you’d like with our program.

Are all features included in one price?

Yes! When you purchase Writable for your students all current features are included. If you’re interested in purchasing Writable with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s Collections or Into Literature, you can learn more here.

What support resources does Writable offer?

You can chat with a school success specialist through Live Chat in the Writable app. You can also explore our help center, email, or call 833-339-7483.

For videos about how to use Writable, check out our YouTube page.

If you’re looking for professional development, start with Writable Academy.

Does Writable work with my tech?

Writable is a Google for Edu Partner and seamlessly integrated with Google tools. Students can write in embedded Google Docs within Writable and/or export all writing to Google Drive. Teachers can assign Writable assignments directly to the Classroom stream, where rosters and grades will also sync. All writing scores are exportable to Sheets.

Writable is also a Schoology Certified Partner and Canvas Certified Partner. We also integrate with HMH Ed and Microsoft Teams.

How does Writable protect student privacy and data?

Writable has signed the Student Privacy Pledge, is COPPA compliant, FERPA compliant, and is California Student Privacy Certified (fun fact: many state-specific privacy standards are based on California’s). You can read our privacy policy here.

Our company was built from the ground up to serve students on their path to writing proficiency, be responsive to teachers, and take a very careful and considered approach to data and privacy. After being in education together as a team since 2010, we have built two companies in edtech and we’ve run large business lines at established education companies – in a nutshell, we know how to protect student data to the highest and latest standards.

Writable has gone through an extensive privacy and data security audit – ensuring that each new team member shares our values and receives training about student privacy and customer responsiveness.

How do I create an account?

To create an account with Writable, simply log in with your Google account, Schoology account, or your Microsoft 365 account.

Do I need an account to explore Writable?

You do not need an account to explore Writable’s 1000+ customizable assignments and prompts. However, you will need an account to create your own assignments or copy an assignment to assign to your students.

How can I contact Writable?

If you’re looking for support, you can contact us in the chat window located in the bottom right of your screen. You can also explore our help center, email, or call 833-339-7483.

If you’d like to schedule a personalized demo you can click here, or email

What is the research is behind Writable?

Writable was founded on the research that shows better feedback leads to better revision, which is the key to creating writing growth. You can read more about our research in our white paper: Achieving Writing Proficiency by Dr. Troy Hicks.

You can also explore our 3-part video case study on how Elizabeth Crooks, the recently retired 6–12 Curriculum Coordinator in ELA, Social Studies, and Science Literacy for the Consolidated School District of New Britain, CT, successfully implemented Writable into her school district as an affordable solution. Her results included:

1.7x increase in writing growth compared to cohorts not using Writable.
30% increase in scores for their district calibrated assessments.
Student engagement and motivation were meaningfully amplified.

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