NCTE 2018 Roundup

In November Team Writable travelled to the annual NCTE convention in Houston, TX, to learn, share, and connect with educators across the country. We had a blast being surrounded by fellow literacy and literature enthusiasts! We know not everyone could make it, so we’ve created a roundup of some our favorite sessions and memories.

Pictured from left: Heidi Perry (Co-founder of Writable) with Greg Garner (The Friday Institute for Educational Innovation, now at Rho, Inc), Sheila Cooperman (Weston Middle School, CT), and Liz Crooks (Consolidated School District of New Britain, CT)

We kicked off NCTE with a great session from Greg Garner, Sheila Cooperman, and Liz Crooks, called: “Authentic Arguments: Using Feedback to Develop Student Voices”. They discussed strategies for motivating and engaging students with argument writing, focusing on scaffolding techniques, incorporating authentic feedback, and the use of student-selected topics.

Pictured: Greg Garner and Sheila Cooperman presenting “Authentic Arguments”

Some of the highlights included the audience using Writable to review work as if they were a student, and writing postcards to their future selves with helpful tips and takeaways. It was a truly an engaging and fun session for everyone!

If you weren’t able to experience their presentation in person, check out their slides for some great ideas and tips you can incorporate into your own classroom!

Authentic Arguments

Another highlight for our team was seeing Writable in the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt booth. We loved seeing them demonstrate our product, and hearing from educators how excited they were to try out Writable after seeing it in action!

We ended our NCTE experience with another wonderful session, this time from Dr. Elizabeth Brockman, Janet Neyer, Rachel Kish, Jill Runstrom, Andrew Schoenborn, and Dr. Troy Hicks (Writable’s very own academic advisor). The panelists spoke about using the National Writing Project’s “College, Career, and Community Writers Program” (C3WP) in their own schools and districts with great success. The argument writing program encourages students to view nonfiction texts from multiple lenses – readers, writers, reviewers, and reflectors.

If you weren’t able to attend this presentation in person, check out the slides to learn more about the C3WP program!

Bringing Arguments to Life

Pictured: Jill Runstrom (Writable educator) sharing data from her own school on how students who engaged in dialogue around argument and multiple perspectives are out-performing their peers.

We had such a wonderful time connecting with educators at #NCTE18, and we can’t wait to come back in 2019! We hope to see you there!

Pictured from left: Greg Garner, Liz Crooks, Sheila Cooperman, Heidi Perry, Jill Runstrom, and Dr. Troy Hicks.

P.S. In December we’ll be at the TIES conference in Minneapolis (Booth #620), and in 2019 we’ll be making multiple stops around the U.S., so stay tuned for Writable’s 2019 event calendar!


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