It’s that time of year again – juniors are gearing to take the SAT’s and/or ACT’s this spring and fall in preparation for 2019 college application deadlines. Luckily Writable has just expanded our SAT and ACT practice capabilities! Not only have we added new writing prompts into our assignments (taken directly from the tests), but assignments now better simulate the real tests that students will be taking.

You’ll now see embedded readings alongside the assignment prompts, just like on the tests. You will also find grading rubrics embedded as students write, helping them to improve their writing with the test criteria in mind. Learning to evaluate your work correctly is key to improved writing performance.


Our SAT and ACT assignments make it possible for students to build their technical writing skills before the exams, ensuring peace of mind and higher confidence – something we know parents, teachers, and students alike are looking for.

Below are samples of our new assignments, which can also be found by selecting “high school” under grade level in the Explore tab, and then checking the SAT and/or ACT box under the “featured” section. You can also click the assignments below!

Sample SAT Assignment + Prompt

Sample ACT Assignment + Prompt

P.S. Test taking is a learned skill, just like writing. The best way to prepare is to practice, practice, practice! Wishing all test takers the best of luck!


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