Check our Writable’s CTE, Business, Career, & Technical Writing Assignments for High Schoolers (and Beyond!)

Have you ever looked back at the writing that pushed your life in a new direction?

Whether it was a resume, cover letter, or application for that great summer job that changed the course of your career, it likely started with business or technical writing.

Writable’s new business, career, and technical writing collection is built for young adults working on writing in a career pathway or CTE track at school, or who just want to get ready for the type of writing they’ll encounter in the “real world”. Whatever career a student chooses beyond high school, it’s likely that writing will come into play.

This category of writing is used regularly to communicate with future employers, in the workplace and about professional business. This can be something as simple as email, to more complex items, like presentations, research summaries, technical manuals, websites, reports, cover letters, and resumes. The blog you’re reading right now also falls under this category!

On average, only 27% of high schoolers graduate as “proficient” in writing, and this skill gap makes it significantly harder to succeed in both college and career. Thankfully, teaching business and technical writing to high schoolers is gaining popularity, and so we’ve put together a collection of assignments to help support your high schoolers in learning the necessary writing skills for success as an adult.

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Writable’s career writing assignments can be used by anyone, of any age, looking for guidance in their business writing. Are you, or is someone you know on the hunt for a new job? Explore our cover letter assignment and create a cover letter that will make you truly stand out! Writing a well-written cover letter is an important skill for both high schoolers and adults to master.

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Writable’s CTE, business, career, and technical writing assignments also include helpful resources to use as support when completing the assignment. However, if you’d like to include any additional resources, Writable assignments are also completely customizable! And if you’d like to create a technical writing assignment not yet in Writable, you can always create your own.

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