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Evan Grant is a 6th-8th grade ELA, humanities, and social studies teacher at Tumalo Middle School in Bend, Oregon. He is also a speaker, former elementary school teacher, and committed to challenging the status quo in education.

In this episode, Evan shares his many creative approaches for engaging his students and helping them to grow as writers. From focusing on the outlining process and banning certain words and phrases in his classroom to encourage effective peer feedback, to using a funnel method (that involves an actual funnel) to help his students become a collaborative team, this episode is full of wonderful tips and ideas.

Evan is passionate about giving kids the choice and meaning in writing that he wishes he has as a student. He even uses Writable as one of his go-to tools for the outlining process, for guiding feedback and revision cycles, and for conducting writing conferences online!

You can follow Evan Grant on Twitter @GrantEdTeacher

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