Meet our newest collection of assignments, specifically designed to support EL learners! These assignments contain prompts and rubrics taken from popular state assessments for EL learners and on the WIDA consortium standards. If you’re looking to help scaffold and support your EL learners in grades 3-12 with a variety of practice writing assignments, then you should check these out!




Writable also supports EL learners and educators with the ability to customize every aspect of an assignment. You can treat every assignment like a customizable template, or create your own assignments from scratch. Writable allows you to structure and differentiate instruction by personalizing assignments to meet specific student needs.

Example Assignment

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With our text-to-speech feature, assignments and student writing can easily be read aloud to each student, increasing accessibility for all types of learners. And because students can write in embedded Google Docs inside Writable, most Google Doc add-ons are compatible with Writable, including speech-to-text! Writable is compatible with the tools and LMS’s you already know and love, making for a smooth road to better writing. Writing proficiency is about strengthening connections and increasing student agency, and Writable is committed to making writing proficiency more accessible and attainable for all types of learners. Are you looking for additional or different EL assignments? Let us know! We’re building new features and assignments into Writable every day, and we want to ensure we’re making the best tool possible for your students.


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