Writable 2018-2019 Roundup

As the school year is wrapping up we wanted to send out a huge congratulations to all educators! You did it! You changed lives, you inspired your students and colleagues, you imbued wisdom that will stay in minds for years to come, and we know you practiced empathy, kindness, respect, and oh so much patience. We are in awe of you!

And because of you, we’ve worked hard this year to make Writable the most comprehensive and accessible writing solution for your classroom. We deeply value your feedback, and because of it, you’ve helped us create great things.

If you’re new to Writable, or curious to learn what we’re all about in 2 minutes, click below to get to know us a little bit better.


Here is everything you’ve helped us create this school year. But be sure to be on the lookout in the fall – we have even more great things to come, including an anti-plagiarism checker, additional readings alongside assignments, and more practice for your state assessments!

Writable 2018-2019 Roundup

Assignments & Instructional Support:

  • Create your own assignment from scratch
  • Graphic Organizers
  • Co-teacher support
  • Add your own reading passages
  • State-specific assignments that mirror your state summative tests
  • WIDA- and ELPAC- aligned assignments for EL learners
  • Assignments for CTE, career, and business writing
  • Spanish-translated navigation and menus
  • Expanded ACT & SAT assignments

Grading & feedback:

  • Expanded data in the growth dashboard, including Admin View
  • Team Grading & Calibration: Unify and calibrate grading across teams in your school or district
  • RevisionAid: AI-powered feedback joins Writable’s Feedback Engine

Works with your tools:

  • Microsoft login (in addition to Google login)
  • Schoology Certified Partner, Canvas integration, & Powerschool (coming soon)

What would you like to see come to Writable for the next school year? Let us know! Your feedback matters, and will directly impact Writable.

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