Graphic organizers are immensely helpful in writing instruction, especially at the start of the school year. Welcome our newest collection of assignments: Graphic Organizers featuring Plan and Draft!

These assignments help guide students through both the planning and drafting phases of an assignment, helping educators to support students and personalize learning.

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Visual learning can be key when it comes to achieving success for many students. Graphic organizers support visual learning and help students focus on what’s important by guiding their thinking as they work through a map, diagram, or other chunked out assignments. 

After a student has completed the guided planning phase of their Graphic Organizer assignment in Writable, they can move on to drafting their final work. Writable moves with them throughout the writing process, going from planning and drafting to guided editing and revising.

Because all our assignments are customizable, or you can make your own, you can input our graphic organizers into any assignment, or use your own in Writable.

Explore Graphic Organizer Assignments

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