#WhyIWrite for Writable: Introducing Becky Mack

With more than 20 years of experience as a teacher and administrator, Becky Mack has joined Writable to lead Customer Success, and continue Writable’s focus on putting educators first. 

Becky has an extensive background in curriculum, literacy instruction, assessment, professional development, and educational technology that allows her to bring a wealth of knowledge into her work with educators at Writable. She spent 14 years as a public school elementary teacher where she made Writer’s Workshop the heart of her classrooms. During this time she developed a strong appreciation for professional learning as a way to support a teacher’s holistic growth. This drove her to become an administrator, where she spearheaded professional development and teacher effectiveness for an additional six years.

Becky’s unique understanding of the pedagogy behind literacy instruction allows her to support both educators in their work and the Writable team in creating the most comprehensive and flexible writing program available. She is deeply passionate about literacy and working with educators to help every student succeed.

Outside of work, Becky enjoys live music and is a big football fan! She loves living in Chicago with her three kids (but maybe not so much during the winter). 

Welcome, Becky Mack!

A Personal Note from Becky:

I am so honored to be part of the Writable team! My passion for reading and writing is something I have carried with me throughout my life and career. It is what drove me to become an elementary school teacher; writing should be the heartbeat of a classroom. Writing gives the opportunity to communicate, express, take risks and synthesize thoughts in a way that is unparalleled. 

In my classroom I strived to build a community of learners through writing by making it engaging and approachable, a feat that didn’t always come easily; sometimes I learned as much as they did! During my work as an administrator in Professional Development, a significant part of my role was supporting professional development for writing curriculum, specifically related to K-8 ELA during the convergence of ELA and NGSS. Through my own classroom experience, work with teachers and district leaders, I’ve learned that writing is a subject that truly deserves a unique approach. 

Happy Writing!

Becky Mack’


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