Introducing the Writable Educators Community!

Educators are natural community builders. Whether it is a school community made up of staff members or a classroom community comprised of students and teachers, a group of people working towards similar goals can have a far greater impact than an individual alone. 

At Writable, we recognize the value of community in education, especially in the writing classroom. When an expert teacher orchestrates a climate and culture in the classroom that values equity, safety, and inclusion; students thrive and a community of writers is born. Students write more, share more, and learn more about themselves and others. 

Because of this, Writable has created a new Facebook group for educators! Please join our community: Writable Educators. This community is intended for educators, administrators and school leaders who are interested in best practices in the teaching of writing and who want to learn more. Here’s what you can expect:

Virtual PLN – Personal Learning Networks are no longer limited by location. Through the FB group, educators can come together around a common cause, share successes, ask questions, discuss issues, post photos or links, and share related content.

Collaboration – This group will share all things around the teaching of writing. From best practices to Writable updates, the Educator Group will share resources, celebrate successes, and use the collaborative superpowers of awesome educators to troubleshoot problems.

Early Access & Invitations – Be the first to hear the Writing Matters podcast and get exclusive invitations to Writable events, contests, features, and more!

Change is the one constant in education. The Writable Educators Group strives to provide timely, up to date, and relevant information on all things writing. From high-impact instructional practices, writing rubrics for clarity, or using EdTech to amplify student voices; this group is a place for you what’s new, and for you to share what works when it comes to literacy instruction.

Teaching writing is better when you can do it together! Join our Facebook group today because #WritingMatters and together we can help grow writers!

Are you new to Writable or curious to learn more? Create a free teacher account, check out our pricing, or schedule a personalized demo!

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