Writable now has practice and assignments designed specifically to support New York educators and students! Writable’s assignments and reading passages for New York come directly from the New York State Regents Exam (parts 2 and 3), and for grades 3-12 we also have practice for the New York State English Language Arts test (part 2).

All rubrics come directly from the test and are adapted to be more student-friendly. All assignments are also tagged to New York state standards for easy reporting once grading is complete.

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In addition to assignments that support preparation for these exams we also have skills practice aligned to the New York State Regents. This set of assignments can be used one of two ways. First, the set of assignments can be used as a curriculum to help students build-up to the test, focusing on each individual skill that will be assessed. Second, each assignment in the skills practice collection can be used individually to differentiate learning for the students that might be struggling with one or multiple skills being assessed on the exams. 

Because Writable shows educators how students are performing by skill and standard at they write, you’ll be able to easily identify student successes in relation to the New York State Exams, as well as areas where students may need extra support. This early intervention allows for targeted practice to be folded into everyday instruction, and for achievement to excel ahead of the assessments.

Looking for our other assessment practice? Currently we have practice for the SBAC, PARCC, Florida Standards Assessment (FSA), Text Analysis (TDA) questions, and the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR), Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL), TNReady, Georgia Milestones (GMAS), and Ohio State Test, with more to come soon!

Can’t find assessment practice aligned to your state summative, district, or formative assessments in Writable? Click here to let us know. We’re happy to create assignments to support your state or school!



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