Introducing Mini-Courses by Writable

Welcome to Writable’s new professional learning opportunity for educators: Mini-Courses! Each mini-course session is designed to support new users and those who just want to know how to get the most out of Writable. Picking back up in Fall 2020, with past recordings below, mini-courses provide 30 minutes of high-impact, professional learning on new features, best practices in literacy instruction, and how to maximize Writable (even in your virtual classroom). 

For more personalized support you can also drop into our Office Hours every Thursday between 12:30pm PT/3:30pm ET and 2:30pm PT/5:30pm ET. Sign up here for Office Hours.

Session 6: Using Google Classroom & Google Suite for Education with Writable.

Did you know that grades and rosters can automatically sync with Classroom? Did you know that students can write in embedded Google Docs within Writable? Did you know everything can save to Google Drive and both student work and data are exportable and printable from Google Sheets?

We’ll show you how our seamless integration with Google can save you time and improve a student’s learning experience.


Click here to access resources shared in Session 6

Session 5: Using Video and Audio to Enhance Virtual Literacy Instruction

Audio and video is essential to maintaining relationships with students during this period of virtual learning. This session focuses on the audio and video functionality inside Writable and how to maximize your assignments and lessons for personal connection.

We also show you how to record or upload your own audio or video instructional lesson to any Writable assignment (check out this pre-recorded mini-lesson as an example to use with your students!) Whether you’re creating your own assignment or customizing a pre-built Writable assignment, you can always add your own personal touches, from a custom rubric, your favorite reading or PDF, and attaching educational videos related to the assignment.


Click here to access resources shared in Session 5

Session 4: Measuring Student Progress to Differentiate Virtual Instruction

This session focuses on measuring student progress inside Writable and how to fold that data back into your virtual instruction to differentiate learning to best meet individual student needs.

In the absence of assessments and testing it’s still possible to measure student progress and use the actionable data to fuel your teaching. We’ll explore the Growth Dashboard and Reporting areas of Writable, dig into you how Writable works to measure student progress, and give you tips and tricks for using these insights to successfully intervene when it matters and personalize assignments for your student’s needs.


Click here to access resources shared in Session 4

Session 3: Virtual Feedback & Communication

Research shows that better feedback leads to better revision, and that is the key to writing growth. Learn how you can use Writable to guide the feedback process, virtually.

Writable includes guided self and anonymous peer review (with comment stems so students never only say “I like it!” or “great!” again). There are also many types of teacher grading and feedback, AI-powered feedback and revision recommendations, and Originality Check by Turnitin.


Click here to access resources shared in Session 3

Session 2: Using Writable for Remote Teaching & Learning

Learn how educators are preparing for extended virtual instruction. We talk we’ll be sharing how many educators have already been using Writable in their virtual classrooms to support everyday instruction, guided student feedback, teacher grading, and assessment for all students.


Click here to access resources shared in Session 2

Session 1: Assignments for Every Classroom

Explore the newest assignments available in Writable to save you time on prep, including the Response to Reading Collection, Skills Assignments, and our Black History Month Collection. You’ll also learn how to create your own assignment or edit any aspect of a Writable assignment, from changing the rubric (including uploading your custom district rubric), editing the prompt, adding in your own reading, video, or PDF, and creating multiple-choice questions.


Click here to access resources shared in Session 1

Registering for mini-courses is quick and easy, and even if you can’t attend we’ll send you the recording.  

In addition, we welcome all to join our Facebook educators group for comprehensive support on virtual and in-person learning. Register for office hours for targeted Writable support, watch past Writable Academy webinars, check out our podcast hosted by Dr. Troy Hicks, or join in our weekly #WritingMatters twitter chat every Wednesday night at 4 PM PT/ 7 PM EST.

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