The Cricket Read & Respond Collection

We’re excited to announce our newest collection of response to reading assignments with leveled readings for middle and elementary students from Cricket Media!

All assignments include side-by-side readings and writing prompts, organized by grade band and Lexile level, so you can choose the passages that are right for your students. You can assign either a single reading passage and prompt, or you can choose from the “Voice and Choice” assignments, which allow students to choose from a variety of reading passages, all working with the same checklists. This collection includes both fiction and nonfiction readings, and it will continue to grow over time!


Explore the Read & Respond with Cricket Collection


As always, students can highlight and/or annotate any reading in Writable and all assignments in Writable include student-friendly rubrics and comment stems to help guide students through the feedback process. All reading passages can be printed for students who prefer that option. Students can also find their assignments inside Writable, on the Google Classroom stream, or within Schoology or Canvas.

You’ll also notice some exciting new features when trying out this collection:

  • Live Feedback: Teachers can now see which students are currently active in a draft and can send feedback notes to a student early in the writing progress. When you click on an active student in your Teacher Dashboard you’re able to read their current work and offer Live Feedback. When Live Feedback is given, the student will instantly be notified of your feedback, allowing them to feel more connected to you during this time of virtual learning, and incorporate it into their work.
  • Video Instruction: You’ll also notice the “Voice and Choice” assignment in this collection includes model mini-lessons from experienced educator and coach, Shaelynn Farnsworth. You can keep the lesson, record, or upload your own instructional video.  Video instruction can be a quick way to demonstrate a strategy or engage students, directly inside their writing prompt!

Check out one of Shaelynn’s included mini-lessons!


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