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About Andrea Honigsfeld

Dr. Andrea Honigsfeld is Associate Dean and Director of the Doctoral Program (Educational Leadership for Diverse Learning Communities)  at Molloy College, Rockville Centre, NY. She teaches graduate education courses related to cultural and linguistic diversity, linguistics, ESL methodology and action research. Before entering the field of teacher education, she was an English as a Foreign Language teacher in Hungary (Grades 5-8 and adult), an English as a Second Language teacher in New York City (Grades K-3 and adult), and taught Hungarian at New York University.

She was the recipient of a Doctoral Fellowship at St. John’s University, where she conducted research on individualized instruction and learning styles. She has published extensively on working with English Language Learners and/or providing individualized instruction based on learning-style preferences. She received a Fulbright Award to lecture in Iceland in the Fall of 2002. In the past eight years, she has been presenting at conferences across the United States, Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden, the Philippines and the United Arab Emirates.

Dr. Honigsfeld frequently offers staff development primarily focusing on effective differentiated strategies and collaborative practices for English as a second Language and general education teachers. Her co-authored book Differentiated Instruction for At-Risk Students (2009)and co-edited book Breaking the Mold of School Instruction and Organization (2010) are published by Rowman and Littlefield.

Andrea is the coauthor or coeditor of 20 books on education and numerous chapters and research articles related to the needs of diverse learners.

For more information on Andrea check out her website, her Heinemann and Corwin author pages, her teaching, and follow her on Twitter!

About Maria Dove

Dr. Maria G. Dove is Associate Professor and Coordinator of the TESOL Education Programs in the Division of Education at Molloy College, Rockville Centre, NY where she teaches courses to preservice and inservice teachers. Having worked as an English as a Second Language teacher for over thirty years, she has provided instruction to English language learners in public school settings (Grades K-12) and in adult English Language programs in Nassau County, NY.

During her years as an ESL specialist, she established co-teaching partnerships, planned instruction through collaborative practices, and conducted ESL co-taught lessons in mainstream classrooms with her fellow educators. She has served as a mentor for new ESL teachers and coaches both ESL and mainstream K-12 teachers on research-based instruction for English learners.

Dr. Dove has published several articles and book chapters on collaborative practices, differentiated instruction, instructional leadership, and the education of English language learners. She regularly offers professional development workshops regarding the instruction of English learners to school districts as well as at state and national conferences.  She is the recipient of the 2010 Outstanding Teacher Award from NYS TESOL.

For more information on Maria check out her website, read her books, learn about her teaching, and follow her on Twitter!

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