Black History Month (February) is a helpful spotlight on the importance of teaching Black History year round. Inside Writable’s Social Studies collection you’ll find a wealth of assignments and resources that emphasize diverse historical figures, important events, beliefs, and practices. Many assignments include readings or videos from trusted media sources, and focus on both historical and current events.

In honor of Black History Month we’ve collected some of our favorite Writable assignments about or inspired by Black American people and culture. Students can practice expanding their cultural knowledge and learning from credible sources as they write in the Information, Argument, or Narrative genre. Each assignment provides a link to educational resources. You’ll also find Sentence Combining activities which enable students to practice this foundational skill while celebrating Black History Month.

Sample Assignment

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As always, you’ll also find these assignments year round within our Social Studies collection, which focuses on culture, history, and civics. We encourage you to incorporate these assignments and resources into your classroom, or you can use Writable’s easy assignment creation wizard to create your own social studies assignments!



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