Writable Wins Two 2024 CODiE Awards, Including Best AI Implementation in EdTech

We’re excited to share that Writable has again been recognized by the 2024 CODiE Awards!

The CODiE Awards are prestigious in the world of education technology, given out by the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA). We’re honored to have won “Best Reading/Writing/Literature Instructional Solutuon for Grades 9-12” in 2020, 2022, and 2023. This year, we’re delighted to have won in two categories:

  1. Best AI Implementation in EdTech
  2. Best Reading/Writing/Literature Instructional Solution for Grade 9-12

Thank you, SIIA, and all our gracious judges! We are also so thankful to you: we could not have done it without the educators who have shaped Writable with your trust, classroom practices, critical feedback, pedagogical expertise, and innovative ideas. Together, we are helping educators across the country (and around the world!) transform teaching and learning.

The Magic of Writable: Changing the Game with AI

This school year, more educators than ever used AI-powered tools to amplify their impact in the classroom with Writable. Our approach to AI implementation focused on empowering educators to do more for more students with their expertise and limited time. With a multitude of intentional AI tools designed to support educators by guiding students through feedback while they write, students receive more frequent, targeted feedback to help them grow as proficient writers. 

We know that academic integrity and authentic learning is a big area of concern for educators and parents. We also know the challenges and risks involved with trusting a single approach to validating the integrity and originality of students’ work. That’s why we support educators to evaluate their students’ work using a suite of AI-powered authenticity tools that help educators understand how student writing arrived on the screen and where there may be exact phrasing elsewhere on the internet. 

AI-Powered Features in Writable

  • Coming Soon: AI-Powered Student Feedback (RevisionAid): Instantly gives students helpful tips to improve their writing.
  • AI Suggested Comments: Save time and move writing growth with AI-suggested comments that are targeted, actionable, and drive better revision. Import tools allow educators to capture AI feedback on any document.
  • GradeAssist (AI Suggested Scoring): Rubric-aligned AI-suggested scores can be adjusted by teachers at any time. Feel more confident about grading and save time!
  • AI for Authenticity with Authorship Alerts and AI-writing indicators: Protect authentic learning moments with the most comprehensive suite of tools available to ensure originality.

Explore the impact of AI with Writable. We’re diving even deeper this summer with a Summer of DiscoverAI!

What’s Next?

As we celebrate this awesome achievement, we’re not slowing down. The HMH Labs team is already hard at work preparing for the next school year, with even more game-changing AI innovations in the works.

This fall we’ll we’re helping teachers continue to build a habit of revision by introducing student-facing AI tools that help students gain real-time, in-the-moment feedback on their writing. The on-demand feedback will be fully controlled by the teacher and aligned to standards-based rubrics as they write and revise. Student-facing AI feedback will encourage thoughtful communication between teacher and student, allowing students to ask for clarification or support. 

Educators have been recently beta testing new dashboards in Writable that deliver AI-powered insights and recommendations to educators that inform and guide their instruction. As part of the HMH family, we’re also hard at work to expand AI across HMH broadly to create more personalized, powerful learning and teaching experiences that bring the right resources, feedback, supports, and challenges to each individual, unique student, helping teachers meet the needs of every learner. 

We know that the most influential factor in a child’s education is their teacher. And the most precious resource that our teachers have is their time. Our approach to AI implementation embeds the power of AI into pedagogical best practices in the moments when teachers just need more time and resources, and when students need more individualized guidance. As a longtime leader in the use of AI in instruction, feedback, and assessment, we’re so proud to be recognized at the Best AI Implementation in EdTech this school year. 

Read more about the HMH CODiE winners here.

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