Grow what you measure.

Writable saves time on your writing assessments and helps you organize your writing program for growth. Reporting and dashboards enable Teachers and School Leaders to monitor growth, identify skill gaps, and plan for instruction.

Supports your state.

Writable supports state and English learner assessment prep by providing assignments and rubrics that come directly from your state test. This makes it easy to integrate assessment prep into every day scaffolded writing practice. With Writable you can unify your writing program around the standards you use.

With Writable, teachers have been able to score their students' writing faster, and our district rubric is built right in. Our data people see the value in Writable too – it helps us progress-monitor target skills and support instructional groups for follow-up.
Renee, Secondary Literacy & Assessment Lead
San Ramon Valley Unified

District customized.

Upload your custom district rubrics into Writable – or get help from our curriculum team. Visualize, export, or print student data quickly in the Growth Dashboard – everything’s ready for calibration and instructional planning.

We’ve developed a set of rubrics and professional development around our bi-annual benchmark assessment process in reading and writing. Writable was able to administer on-demand assessments using our writing rubrics, then help us save time on grading and instructional planning across ELA and Social Studies.
Elizabeth, 6-12 Curriculum Coordinator ELA, Social Studies, & Literacy
New Britain, Connecticut

Works with your curriculum.

If you already own an ELA curriculum, Writable supports the creation of assignments aligned to your chosen standards and goals. We work with well-known curriculum programs, like  Into Literature, Into Reading, Arriba, Collections, or English 3D by Dr. Kate Kinsella, to tie assessment to the instruction you already know and love. It’s also a great tool for building OER curriculum or creating your own!


I shared Writable with colleagues at a district meeting. I was surrounded by about 10 teachers and administrators all marveling at the assessment we had built. We were able to agree on proficient writing examples and determine how to roll assessment data back into instruction.
Tyler Madden, ELD Specialist
Cupertino Union, CA

Responsive to your needs.

Start slow and build as you grow. All the tools you need to your streamline your instruction, differentiate and customize learning, and accommodate student needs are at your fingertips in Writable. Use an assignment, assessment, or rubric as is, or adjust it to your own voice.

Works with your tech.

With Writable, rosters, grades, and assignments sync with your LMS. Whether you’re using Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology, HMH Ed, or Microsoft Teams. Seamless integration with these platforms is a core functionality at the heart of teacher efficiency.

Because Google Docs and Google suite for education integrate with Writable, students can write in embedded Google Docs, everything is automatically saved to drive for portfolios, and exporting to Docs or Sheets is easy.

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