Scaffold, motivate, engage.

With 1000+ assignments and prompts organized by collection, genre, or grade level, Writable helps teachers focus writing instruction and save time on prep, grading, and feedback.

Accommodate all students.

Use Writable in grades K-12 to guide writing practice, assessment, grading, and feedback in less time. Start with one of our 1000+ assignment, then customize it to use your own prompt, instructions, video lesson, readings, media, or rubrics. You can also create your own assignments and curriculum in Writable.

Whether you like a more scaffolded and differentiated approach or more “choice & voice” in your writing classroom, Writable motivates and supports students through the writing process.

One of the great advantages to Writable is that…you don’t have to sacrifice your teaching style or compromise… all the assignments are offered in multiple formats. Further, you can create your own custom assignments in whatever format you choose.
Jill, 7th Grade ELA
Cadillac Public Schools, Michigan

Flexible to implement.

Whether you’re using a blended literacy, writer’s workshop, paced model, or your own strategies to establish effective writing routines, Writable lets you attach writing assignments to any reading, topic, standard, or skill. This makes instruction more impactful in less time, allowing more time for writing practice and feedback.

Scaffold instruction with graphic organizers or sentence starters, accommodate all student needs by differentiating assignments, build independence using models or mentors, and organize writing practice within your LMS or Google Classroom.

Writable focuses and motivates the process of writing, no matter what instructional approach you’re using. Teachers can easily progress-monitor and students can self-assess their own development, making learning to be a better writer easier than ever.
Greg Garner, Instructional Coach & Designer, Rho
(formerly at The Friday Institute & Eanes ISD, Texas)

Engage with multimedia.

Many assignments include side-by-side readings and organizers, or you can add your own readings, PDFs, or organizers to any assignment to help scaffold and support.

Teachers can record video lessons within any assignment to reinforce and remind, and they can also record audio or video messages for students during the feedback process.

By having the option for students to submit their digital writing or pictures (including pictures of hand writing), audio, or video, Writable is able to support all learning levels.

Collaborate & co-teach.

Every assignment created in Writable can be customized, then shared, to save time on prep and build on professional learning. Co-teachers can also work together within Writable to share grading and feedback responsibilities.

Assignments, assessments, and rubrics can be easily shared from the ‘My District’ page to help with instructional planning and rollout. Writable also can help schools and district calibrate grading and identify student exemplars with our Team Grading tool.

I have seen a big growth in my students writing throughout the year using Writable. My students have seen…how enhanced their skills have become, too.
Val, 7th Grade ELA Teacher,
North Branch Public Schools, Michigan

Use Google Classroom and tools or your LMS.

Writable was built from the ground up to work alongside Google tools and your chosen LMS. Students can write in an embedded Google Doc and everything automatically saves to Drive if you use Google.

Teachers can sync grades, rosters, and assignments to Google Classroom, Schoology, Canvas, HMH Ed, and Microsoft Teams. Assignment readings and student writing is easy to print for offline learning, and both student work and growth data is easy to export and share with parents, colleagues, or school leaders.

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