Webinar: Creating Confident Writers with Dr. Troy Hicks & Andy Schoenborn

Webinar: Creating Confident Writers with Dr. Troy Hicks & Andy Schoenborn

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The conversations about what students “need” to know as writers as they move from high school to college have become perennial. In this edWebinar, we make this pivot, shifting the conversation from the “what” they need to know, to think critically and creatively about the “why” and the “how.” Leaning on the Framework for Success in Postsecondary Writing, we take an approach that focuses on developing the habits of mind for successful writers. By helping students create their own writing goals and pursue their own inquiry, teachers become coaches.

By providing a number of tips and tools, we will explore how teachers can be flexible and responsive to the needs of middle and high school writers in light of remote learning, emerging technologies, and curricular demands.

By looking at three particular writing assignments (reading response blogs, multimodal non-fiction websites, and Pecha Kucha-style talks) we will explore authentic ways to empower students to view themselves as writers by using mentor texts, encouraging digital interactions, and publishing opportunities beyond the classroom.

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