Webinar: The Secret to Growing Great Writers with Kristina Smekens & Kara Gann

Webinar: The Secret to Growing Great Writers with Kristina Smekens & Kara Gann

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As we help our students move forward from the difficult learning situations of the past year, it’s important to remember that you already possess the most powerful tool in helping them to succeed: feedback. Feedback is how we communicate, compliment, and connect with our students.

Kristina Smekens and Kara Gann, former teachers and coaches who have taught thousands of educators how to improve their feedback methods and grow great writers, are your guides in this edWebinar. Learn why feedback is so crucial to the success of your students, and how to make an impact at the right time. Learn how to maximize opportunities for feedback and how to deliver it earlier and more efficiently—making it better, while saving you time.

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