We’ve launched several new features to help you discover new writing assignments, try out Writable using a “sample group”, and use a more guided approach to revision. We’re eager to hear what you think, please stay in touch!

Explore & My Sequences
You’ll notice 2 new links in the top navigation bar of Writable: ‘Explore’ and ‘My Sequences’. Use ‘Explore’ to browse a range of pre-built units across all grade bands, then click “Copy to My Sequences” to save it for later. This helps you save sequences you like, and assign them by class, as your students are ready.

New Pre-Built Sequences
Don’t miss all the new pre-built options in Explore, including ‘Persuasive Letter’ for elementary, ‘Combating Fake News’ for 8th – 10th graders, AP English & History for high school, and more.

Sample Group & Students
Writable now has a built-in sample group and sample students, to help you preview a new sequence before you assign it to real students. Just toggle to ‘My Sample Group’ in the top-right corner, under your name and groups. Then login to write, review and revise as your sample students.

Introducing Revision Flow
We’ve had many teachers request a writing approach that introduces checklists/skills in a guided order, allowing a writer to have “one draft” that is revised over time. Goals using Revision Flow allow for more focused revision within students’ natural writing pattern. Interested in trying it out? Just contact us and we’ll get your unit set up with Revision Flow.

Thanks for continuing to build writers with purpose!

– Team Writable