Summer is coming to a close and we’re ready to welcome you and your students back to Writable this Fall! We’ve had a busy summer creating new assignment templates and refining Writable to meet your needs.

A sneak peek of what’s new this Fall:

  • Find assignments by genre, rubric type, or collection
  • 40+ new assignment templates, aligned to writer’s workshop, 6 Traits & CCSS
  • Updated student writing experience and teacher dashboard
  • Revision Spotlight, allowing teachers to model good revision and review anytime during the writing process
  • Edit assignments & import your own rubrics in Google Sheets
  • Assign 2 assignments at a time
  • Review past student assignments
  • Mobile web support for tablets
  • Differentiate assignments using sub-groups (coming soon!)
  • Microsoft login (coming soon!)
  • Writable – assign
  • Writable – write, review, revise
  • Writable – guide

There’s a lot more to explore, please see our Intro to Writable slides.

As we mentioned to our pilot schools last Spring, we’ll be moving to a subscription model this year. Teacher accounts are free, so you can login, create assignments, and prep for students at any time. Once your students start working in the app, they will begin our 30-day free trial. Contact us to find out about pricing or ongoing pilot opportunities for your school. Let us know how we can help and welcome back!