Writable is excited to announce that we’re one of the first members of Schoology’s Certified Partner Program! Writable is seamlessly integrated with Schoology, meaning the LMS you use and love now supports Writable assignments – directly inside Schoology! Check out Writable directly in the Schoology App Center here.

Once inside Schoology, simply navigate to the App Center, find Writable, and then click “Install LTI App”. We’re currently featured on the front page of Schoology’s App Center, so go check us out! To learn more about getting started with Schoology and installing Writable click here.

Once you’ve added Writable as an app inside Schoology, you can click here to request your consumer key and shared secret.

Creating a Writable assignment in Schoology is easy, and when you assign a Writable assignment to your students, your Schoology course roster will be automatically imported into Writable, making it easy for students to see their Writable assignments. To learn more about course roster, grade syncing, and creating a Writable assignment, just click here.


Look forward to great things to come that are co-created by Team Writable and Team Schoology, including events, webinars, and more!


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