The most flexible and affordable writing program just got more powerful. Meet Originality Check with SimCheck by Turnitin! As students learn to write, it’s important to talk to them about digital citizenship skills and citing their sources properly.  While students learn this over time, having a way for both teachers and students to evaluate the originality of a passage can be helpful in writing instruction.


How does Originality Check work inside Writable?

When Originality Check is enabled in an assignment by a teacher it can be used by both the teacher and students to check that sources have been cited correctly. Both the web and student work from your school on Writable will be scanned when checking the originality of the document. Note: Your student’s work is kept private and does not enter Turnitin’s larger database. We also do not scan against Turnitin’s larger database or higher ed databases. After all, most educators tell us that cheating in K12 classrooms does not commonly happen from higher-ed sources!


When should I enable Originality Check on assignments?

Checking for originality is never mandatory in Writable. We’ve heard from many teachers that the guided feedback and grading process in Writable allows teachers to better know their student’s writing style and cadence. Because of this, teachers are often able to simply trust their instinct when it comes to knowing the originality of a student’s writing. However, here are some instances where using the originality checker can come in handy:

  • When students are using outside sources in assignments, such as passages from informational websites. By using originality checking, student’s can make sure they’ve cited their sources correctly.
  • When administering assessments and wanting to ensure that each student’s writing is authentically their own.
  • As a supportive tool when discussing academic integrity and digital citizenship skills.


For more questions and tutorials on how to use originality checking in Writable, check out our new help section for SimCheck by Turnitin!

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