Hispanic Heritage Month spotlights the importance of bringing the rich history of Hispanic and Latino Americans into your classroom throughout the year. We’ve put together a collection of assignments that focus on helping students explore Hispanic heritage by learning about historical places, people, music, poetry, and culture. 

Hispanic Heritage Assignments

In this collection you’ll find assignments that prompt students to write a descriptive poem inspired by historical images, research and write about historical figures with included biographical videos, analyze poetry by America’s first Hispanic Poet Laureate, and more! With 19 assignments for grades 3-12, you’ll find assignments with student-friendly rubrics that help you bolster your social studies instruction all year long.

Assignments for Elementary School


Assignments for Middle School


Assignments for High School


Additional Social Studies Assignments

If you’re looking for additional social studies material, you’ll find many more assignments in our social studies collection that focus on culture, history, and civics, with an emphasis on highlighting diverse historical figures. Many assignments include readings or videos from trusted sources like KQED, and focus on both historical and current events.

Social Studies Assignments

To explore social studies, simply navigate to the collection from the Curricular Resources category in Writable.


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