Writable’s Assignment Wizard is your go-to tool for quickly creating engaging reading and writing assignments. Whether you’re looking to create a simple quick write or daily journal, or a more complex assignment with options to differentiate, add a graphic organizer, or multiple readings, the Assignment Wizard will guide you through the process step-by-step. 

It’s simple to get students writing every single day by creating assignments like:

  • Journal entries
  • Exit tickets
  • Ice breakers
  • Reflections
  • And more!


Create an Assignment in 1 Minute

In Writable, you can always copy and paste in any reading, or upload a PDF. This makes it easy to upload a reading from your curriculum, or to use a favorite news article. With your reading you can create a short response assignment, a daily writing assignment, an assignment with a planner, or an extended response assignment, like an essay.


Create an Assignment

You can continue to customize any assignment you’ve made, or use an already made assignment in Writable as a template. The options are endless!


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