Our newest collection of assignments for middle and high school students supports close reading of high-interest texts with synthesizing information in a written response. Modeled after common reading and writing assessments, our expanding collection of text sets help students demonstrate reading comprehension through multiple choice questions, followed by an extended response.


By using these assignments, students gain practice in demonstrating comprehension, responding to text, and citing evidence from more than one source as they write in the Information genre. These assignments are great for the start of the school year because you’ll also gain insight into how your students are performing in key reading and writing skill areas.

Using Text Sets as Diagnostics

By measuring student proficiency in reading and writing, especially at the start of the school year, you’ll have the insight you need to be able to help every student reach their learning goals. The Text Set assignments work perfectly as diagnostic assignments, or you can explore many of our additional reading and writing assignments to gauge proficiency.


Because Writable makes it easy to track student reading and writing growth using our reporting features, you’ll be able to see student progress throughout the year, easily differentiating learning as needed.

Data & Reporting in Writable

Every type of feedback in Writable provides actionable data. Because all rubrics are tagged by category, skill, and standard, as feedback is given or reported by our AI tools, insight into student reading and writing growth becomes available in three locations: The Assignment Dashboard, The Growth Report, and The Proficiency & Recommendation Report.


Because the Proficiency & Recommendation Report provides a view of a class’ proficiency in reading and in 3 key genre writing modes, the data on student writing performance from Text Set assignments will help you see where students are at with their reading and writing skills and how they progress over time. The Proficiency and Recommendation Report also helps you easily create differentiated groups based on proficiency, with suggested assignments to improve reading and writing skills!


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