Writing has carried me through each and every career I’ve had thus far, most recently bringing me to join the Writable team. I’ve been a teacher, a mentor, an editor, and most recently a marketer, but I will forever define myself as a writer. Writing is the string that ties together my past, present, and future. So I’d like to extend a warm “hello” to anyone who might be reading this. My name is Tess, and I’m so excited to chat and engage with all my fellow writers and Writable users out there!

Many times I’ve stood in front of a class, ready to jump into a writing lesson, and been asked: “Why do I need to know this? Does writing really matter?” It’s my absolute favorite question because the answer is such a resounding “YES!” As we move through the world and rely more heavily on technology to connect us, our written words hold more power than ever before. Writing defines our everyday interactions with the world, from text messages and emails to presentations and blog posts. They become our most useful form of self-expression, and the ultimate boundary breaker in a world that doesn’t always hear every voice equally.

The importance of reading comprehension is woven throughout every school curriculum, but when it comes to writing, only 27% of students in the US can write proficiently by 12th grade (NAEP). Writable can help with this by providing a guided writing practice program that connects any style of instruction to a cycle of authentic feedback and revision. Writable helps teachers build more independent, reflective writers, and helps schools assess & monitor growth.

Ready to inspire your students to write? October 20th is the National Day on Writing, an initiative from NCTE. Motivate your students with these real-world examples of #WhyIWrite. Share them on Twitter, and then head on over to @getwritable to let us know why you write while you’re there!


Happy writing!