Writable continues to add practice and assignments to our growing number of collections. Most recently, we have released the TELPAS (Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System) as part of the “EL Learners” collection, which includes writing assignments for grades 6-12. We believe writing proficiency is about strengthening connections and increasing student agency, and Writable is committed to making writing more accessible and growth more attainable for all learners.


In this new collection, each assignment covers one of the types of writing found on the TELPAS Writing Assessment, such as descriptive writing on a familiar topic, writing about a process; narrative writing about a past event; reflective writing; extended writing on a language arts topic; and expository or procedural writing in science, mathematics, or social studies. 

Also, assignments contain several prompts, and the rubrics are based on the TELPAS Proficiency Level Descriptors so teachers can measure student readiness and growth. All rubrics are adapted to be more student-friendly. Teachers can use these assignments as practice for students to build familiarity with the question types and expectations they will experience on the assessment.


Sample TELPAS Assignment

(Click here to explore TELPAS assignments)


Writable shows educators how students are performing by skill as they write, so you’ll be able to easily identify student successes in relation to the TELPAS, as well as areas where students may need extra support. This early intervention allows for targeted practice to be folded into everyday instruction to maximize student growth.

Writable also supports EL learners and educators with the ability to customize every aspect of an assignment. You can treat every assignment like a customizable template, or create your own assignments from scratch. Writable allows you to structure and differentiate instruction by personalizing assignments to meet specific student needs.

With our text-to-speech feature, assignments and student writing can easily be read aloud to each student, increasing accessibility for all types of learners. And because students can write in embedded Google Docs inside Writable, most Google Doc add-ons are compatible with Writable, including speech-to-text! Writable is compatible with the tools and LMS’s you already know and love, making for a smooth road to better writing.


Looking for our other assessment practice? Currently, we have practice for the Texas STAAR, New York State Tests, SBAC, PARCC, Florida Standards Assessment (FSA), Text Analysis (TDA) questions, Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL), TNReady, Georgia Milestones (GMAS), and Ohio State Test, with more to come soon! We also have a specific EL Learners Collection which includes TELPAS in addition to WIDA and ELPAC assignments.

Can’t find assessment practice aligned to your state summative, district, or formative assessments in Writable? Click here to let us know. We’re happy to create assignments to support your state or school!

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