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Happy Fall and welcome back to school everyone! Just like you, Team Writable has spent the summer in preparation mode (with a little fun in the sun too – shoutout to everyone we met at ISTE, NCTE, and Schoology NEXT!) We’ve been working to make Writable an even more powerful, flexible, and comprehensive program to power your school’s writing this year.

We’ve added graphic organizers to our assignment bank, a Collect Papers feature that can help you run assessments, easy to create Shared Assessments for schools or districts, advice on speeding up writing success, assignments for the beginning of the school year, how to have Team Writable create custom rubrics and curriculums for you, RevisionAid, and a refresher on all the new features from last school year. Finally, don’t forget to catch up on Season 1 of Writing Matters before Season 2 drops! Just wait until you see who the guests are…


Graphic organizers are immensely helpful in writing instruction, especially at the start of the school year. Welcome our newest collection of assignments: Graphic Organizers featuring Plan and Draft. These assignments help guide students through both the planning and drafting phases of an assignment, helping educators to personalize learning. Explore our Graphic Organizers now >


Last season we had some amazing guests on the podcast, including Carol Jago, The HyperDoc Girls, Jim Burke, and more. Coming soon you’ll hear from experts in literacy and education, like Jennifer Serravello, Kasey Bell, Zaretta Hammond, The Teach Better Team, Steven W. Anderson, Shaelynn Farnsworth, and more than 20 additional guests! This podcast is the ultimate series of professional learning talks about literacy, available for free and on-demand. Catch up on the Writing Matters podcast now >


We’ve broken down how you can get on that the road to writing success, quickly and easily, into four simple steps. See where to start, where you’ll end up, and what to expect along the way >


Short and sweet is the perfect place to start in the fall. To help keep students from getting overwhelmed, short and guided writing assignments get students writing while remaining approachable (this time of the year can be overwhelming enough!) Get our recommendations for the best assignments to use this back-to-school season >


With Collect Papers, it’s now simpler to help pace your student’s work, time student writing, and restrict access at home to assignments and assessments. Read more about how to Collect Papers >


Did you know Writable has a collection of assignments, specifically designed to support EL learners? These assignments contain prompts and rubrics taken from the WIDA consortium standards, as well as popular EL assessments like the ELPAC. Writable also now has full Spanish in-app navigation support. Explore EL assignments now >


Shared assessments in Writable allow a school or district administrator to create and share an assessment with teachers in their school/district. It’s now easier than ever to align writing practice with your custom district benchmark assessments in Writable, and then run them too! Learn more about Shared Assessments in Writable >


Would you like help integrating your custom district rubrics, or an entire curriculum into Writable? We do that! Schedule a rubric and curriculum consultation now to get this started now >



Have you tried RevisionAid yet? It is part of Writable’s Feedback Engine, which includes self-review, anonymous peer-review, and our many teacher grading tools. RevisionAid uses on-demand, AI-based feedback recommendations to help students improve their revisions, and it helps teachers both save time and monitor student progress. Explore assignments with RevisionAid now >



If you’re new to Writable, or curious to learn what we’re all about in 2 minutes, click above to get to know us a little bit better. And if you want to see all the near features we released in the 2018-2019 school year, check them out here >


We know funding classroom technology and projects doesn’t always come easily, or even directly from a school’s budget. This is why we created a comprehensive guide to finding funding and successfully receiving it. Get your free guide to K12 literacy grants, including a guide on how to write a great grant or budget proposal for Writable >


Get excited, because we’re bringing some of our most requested features to Writable! Soon you’ll get access to an originality checker powerer by Turnitin, Skills Lessons to help you fold student growth data back into targeted and differentiated practice, and more state assessments, including New York and South Carolina!

Thanks for reading our back-to-school newsletter! If you’d like to continue the conversation, we’d love for you to join our vibrant online community. Come hang out with us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Medium!


Happy Writing!


💙 Team Writable


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