Winter 2019 Newsletter

Tis the season and we’re ending this year feeling an enormous amount of gratitude for you and all the educators and administrators who work tirelessly with children across the nation. We thank you for making a difference in the lives of students, their parents and caregivers, and the communities in which you teach. Because of you, minds have been opened, opportunities have been gained, and potential has been realized. We also hope you’re about to take some much deserved time off!

In the past few months we’ve added some highly requested features and content into Writable. You can now use our Skills Activities assignments for curriculum and personalized learning, check the originality of student work, delve into PD through the Writable Academy Webinar series, connect with fellow Writable Educators in our Facebook community, join the #writingmatters Twitter chat each week to get topic-specific tips and resources from experts, practice for New York State exams, learn about AI, meet Writable’s newest team member (Becky Mack), and soon you’ll be able to listen to Season 2 of Writing Matters with Dr. Troy Hicks and use line-by-line grading and commenting.

Keeping reading for all that’s awesome and new in Writable!


These skills assignments can be used together as a curriculum to help students build up a specific set of skills for argument, information, and narrative writing genres as well as for state-specific assessment skills (coming soon). The Skills Activities can also be used as individual assignments to personalize learning based on a student’s data in Writable. Keep reading about Skills Activities >


The most flexible and affordable writing program just got more powerful. Meet Originality Check with SimCheck by Turnitin! As students learn to write, it’s important to talk to them about digital citizenship skills and citing their sources properly.  While students learn this over time, having a way for both teachers and students to evaluate the originality of a passage can be helpful in writing instruction. See how to use Originality Check in Writable >


Introducing Writable Academy Webinars. In this series of online events, we’ll bring experts in the field of literacy instruction directly to you to share their insights, best practices, and recommendations for the writing classroom. For our first webinar, Shaelynn Farnsworth and Greg Garner, both deeply experienced instructional coaches in the fields of literacy and technology, shared how you can create a culture of literacy coaching in your school or district by defining beliefs, instituting effective coaching practices, and implementing supportive resources. Watch the full webinar now >


Writable has created a new Facebook group for educators! Please join our community: Writable Educators. This community is intended for educators, administrators and school leaders who are interested in best practices in the teaching of writing and who want to learn more. Learn more about becoming a Writable Educator >


Every Wednesday at 4 PM PT/7 PM ET educators from near and far come together to discuss why writing matters to them and how they can best support their student writers. Each week a guest host and leader in the teacher-writer community joins #WritingMatters to lead the discussion and share their favorite tips, tricks, and resources for growing great writers. Catch up on past chats and join the most recent chat >


Writable now has practice and assignments designed specifically to support New York educators and students! Writable’s assignments and reading passages for New York come directly from the New York State Regents Exam (parts 2 and 3), and for grades 3-12 we also have practice for the New York State English Language Arts test (part 2). Explore New York State Exam Practice Assignments >

Teachers will always be needed for more complex and conceptual feedback, like talking to students about why their ideas in a paper relate to their lives outside of the classroom. The purpose of RevisionAid in Writable is to save teachers time on the things a computer can do so teachers have more time to focus on the things a computer cannot do. Keep reading about Literacy AI >


With more than 20 years of experience as a teacher and administrator, Becky Mack has joined Writable to lead Customer Success, and continue Writable’s focus on putting educators first.  Get to know Becky >

Two very exciting things are coming soon to Writable: Season 2 of Writing Matters with Dr. Troy Hicks (check out the amazing guest list above!) We are also introducing one of our most requested features: line-by-line grading and commenting. In the meantime, catch up on Season 1 of Writing Matters now >


Thanks for reading our back-to-school newsletter! If you’d like to continue the conversation, we’d love for you to join our vibrant online community. Join our Writable Educators Facebook Community or come hang out with us on TwitterFacebookLinkedInInstagramPinterestYouTube, and Medium!


Happy Writing!


💙 Team Writable


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